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When you join Compass you'll be able to take part in our upcoming event "It's Bloody Complicated - with David Lammy (Podcast Episode 11)" and the rest of our live weekly podcast recordings each Tuesday at 6pm. 

But that's not all, members also get:

  • Access to membership events - Take part in member group calls and live events across the UK. Members receive discounts on ticketed events
  • A Compass membership card - Personalised and made with biodegradable materials
  • Local Compass groups - Connect with Compass members and allies in your community
  • Publications and Pink Papers - Access to a wide range of publications from Compass members and contributors
  • Compass newsletter - A regular email that tackles the political topics of the day with contributions from Compass members, staff and other contributors
  • What it means poster- Inspired by progressive thinkers, new members will receive one of four collectible posters
  • Invitation to the Annual General Meeting - Meet other members, steer our future and take part in workshops and debates on the issues of the day

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