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No one person, party or organisation can deliver the change we need. That’s why Compass exists.

We're the only organisation building the alliances between progressive parties to transform our society. 

From Richmond to Worcester, these local elections are proof that when progressives work together we can win.

Join us. 

Joining Compass will be good for your soul, but you’ll also get:

  • Access to membership events - Take part in member group calls and live events across the UK. Members receive discounts on ticketed events
  • Access to live podcast calls - Tune into our live recordings twice a month for #ItsBloodyComplicated and put your own questions to our guests
  • Local Compass groups - Connect with Compass members and allies in your community. Our Richmond group helped defeat the Tories at this year's local elections.
  • Compass political party groups - Compass party groups are working within and across parties to unite around a progressive agenda that can win the next election. Compass Members can join these groups and our planning calls with MPs like Clive Lewis, Layla Moran and Caroline Lucas who are leading the same charge in Parliament.
  • A Compass membership card - Personalised and made with biodegradable materials
  • Publications and Pink Papers - Access to a wide range of publications from Compass members and contributors
  • Compass newsletter - A regular email that tackles the political topics of the day with contributions from Compass members, staff and other contributors
  • What it means poster- Inspired by progressive thinkers, new members will receive one of four collectable posters
  • Invitation to the Annual General Meeting - Meet other members, steer our future and take part in workshops and debates on the issues of the day

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Members are encouraged to support with £7 or more per month. An unwaged concession membership is available at £3/month.
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