Sign our call for a Plan B for the economy

It is now clear that Plan A isn’t working. Wave after wave of economic figures have all concluded that the British economy is faltering; the UK jobless total is now at its highest for over 17 years, whilst growth has all but stalled.

If the Government persists with Plan A the deficit could rise not fall. It’s time for a Plan B.

We urge the Government to adopt emergency measures that can quickly save jobs and create new ones including:

  • reversing cuts to get the economy moving again
  • directing quantitative easing to a Green New Deal
  • creating a British Investment Bank to leverage and back investment in low carbon sectors such as housing, transport and renewable energy.

These measures could in part be paid for by the introduction of a Financial Transactions Tax.

Doing nothing is not an option. We therefore call on the Government to put the national interest first and hold an emergency Budget that would instigate a Plan B for jobs, fairness and sustainability.