The Good Banking Forum includes a unique range of leading figures from academia, finance, politics, the law, trade unions, consumer and civil society groups that are demanding real reform of the banking sector.

The Forum emerged from the Good Banking Summit, organised by nef (the new economics foundation) and Compass in May 2011. The Forum challenges the limited scope of the Independent Commission on Banking, will mobilise public pressure for ‘Good Banking,’ and is campaigning to break-up the banks as a necessary first step.

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A good banking system is one that is useful and secure; as well as economically, socially and environmentally fit for purpose.

We believe that to build the foundations of such a good banking system we need:

- The full separation of retail and investment banking so as to better insulate and protect tax-payers against failure and provide depositors with safe institutions in which to keep their money.

- The creation of a genuinely mixed and plural banking sector with far more choice for people than the present one-size-fits-all model with its few 'too big to fail' banks. Such a sector would for example include flourishing building societies, local and regional banks, green banks, a post bank run through the post office network, co-operatives and mutuals so that all sections and needs of society and business are properly catered for.

- An independent, wide-ranging and extensive inquiry into the root causes of the worst banking crisis for over 60 years and the role of all relevant commercial, regulatory and political organisations in that failure. This inquiry should bring forward comprehensive proposals of the reforms needed to build a good banking system.