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There is growing public concern about the behaviour of domestic energy suppliers - we believe it is time to end the big six energy fix.

In recent months energy companies have once again been exposed for over-charging customers and making excessive profits when incomes are being squeezed. In the first half of 2011, the Big Six made a staggering £3.5bn profit. All this while 5.5m households live in fuel poverty.

How can the government solve the problem?

1) Impose a levy on the Big Six, with funds raised ring-fenced to help people with their energy costs, prioritizing those living in fuel poverty, by making homes more energy efficient.

2) Give the regulator new powers to cap prices and eliminate excess profit.

3) Launch an independent public inquiry into the Big Six so that everyone knows the measures needed to create an energy market that serves the people before profit.

The time has come to end the big six energy fix – we urge the Government to act.

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